Committed to Giving Back to The Community of Plymouth.

Plymouth is the home of our company’s headquarters, and where Reynolds Construction began over a decade ago. That’s why we see it as our duty and our honor to be able to give back to the children, people, and families of Plymouth.

Plymouth Scallop Roll

ReyCon is honored to be a part of the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce’s Scallop Roll, a public arts, tourism, and charity event that displays the work of local artists on 5 foot scallop shells throughout the community. The shell sponsored by ReyCon is displayed in front of the Harbourtown job-site on the Plymouth waterfront. New Plymouth South Elementary art teacher Samantha Cushman painted a beautiful depiction of Saquish Beach, one of Plymouth’s hidden gems.

Three Harts Farm Barn Renovation

ReyCon was honored to be part of the team that helped to renovate a barn space for veterans to use for therapeutic farming. Our volunteer construction work benefitted the Three Harts Farm program and The Christopher J. Hart Foundation. Here’s a description of the program from Three Harts Farm: “While working together in a relaxed, open environment veterans will work as a team to develop solutions that will enable them to overcome physical and mental barriers.Through our training fellowship program veterans will learn the skills and gain the education they need to start their own local farm or to work for larger farming organizations.In order for our returning veterans to thrive in a job competitive world they will need to have a unique and one of a kind profession. Farming IS an American tradition and a prosperous profession!”

Plymouth Starr Program

The Plymouth STARR (Short-Term Assessment & Rapid Reunification) program provides care twenty-four hours a day to adolescents ages 12-17 who are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. Plymouth STARR works hard to meet the needs of each individual adolescent based on their unique situations. ReyCon chose Plymouth STARR for the annual “Giving back to the Community” project.

The team worked diligently to complete the project in a short time. In two days, the team split into groups. Cabinets were installed in the basement to provide more storage space, a fence was put up, a new shed was built, a room on each floor was renovated to create a study and a new basketball hoop was put in to give the house a homier feel.

Ongoing Community Support

Sponsorship Highlights Include:

Annual Sponsorship of the Plymouth North Basketball Association.

Contribution to The Jennifer Kane Memorial Garden at Federal Furnace Elementary School

Donation to the reconstruction of the Plymouth West Elementary School playground.

Sponsorship of a Boys & Girls Club water stop along Plymouth’s annual Run to the Rock road race.

Annual donation to the Plymouth Police Relief Association.

Participation in Glynn Electric’s annual charity golf tournament, which benefits the Plymouth Public Schools, the Boys & Girls Club of Plymouth, and the Salvation Army.

Corporate sponsorship of a photo booth at Greater Plymouth’s Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Plymouth Youth Hockey

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